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Tips for Hiring Top Talent


Are you interested in attracting top talent to your company? There are three specific strategies you can use that will help your company find the best applicants for open positions at your company.

Following these tips as you advertise for jobs, recruit, interview, and hire can help your company attract and retain the most talented professionals.

The job description

Start with a good job description. If you’re not sure yet what the position will be, maybe you need to seek more information or consult with members of this future team member’s department. A good job description is a must whenever you’re doing hiring. For more information on writing a job description that gets noticed, click here to read How to Write an Effective Job Description. Advertising with the right job description will help you and your team hire the right people for the job. This will help you to grow a strong company that attracts the highest levels of talent.

Think like an applicant

Most glaring errors can be avoided if you remember to look at the job description the way a potential job candidate will look at it. If you were applying for this job, what would you want to know? 

It can be difficult for high-level executives to put themselves in the place of someone who is job searching, particularly if the job is for a position that they have never perform them selves or it has been a long time since they themselves were in the job market. This is why most company owners need help writing job descriptions. They are really good at explaining the company Mission statement and the corporate culture, but they may not Excel at talking about the day-to-day operations of mid or junior level employees. Something is this owners really stay in touch with every level of employees but most become so busy and successful that they cannot readily communicate the the day-to-day operations of entry-level or mid level employees of the company. Generally, job descriptions written by high-level executives are more cerebral and company mission statement oriented then they are practical (with the basic details that someone really looking for a job who has the exact qualifications they are looking for would actually need to know).

This is why it is important to do your research. You need to get the facts and find out exactly what this new employee will be responsible for. It can be tempting to throw out a vague job description and then firm things up as you begin to interview. If you do this you make the mistake of getting a job description posted faster but paying a high price later on; you will end up needing to take much more time to interview your candidates and sort through potential hires later on if you have not communicated is sensual details in the job description. Also if the job description is too long then qualified applicants who are busy and successful already may not take the time to read it or apply.

Work with professionals from day one

You can recruit top talent in your area by consulting with CEO SUITE’s experienced recruiting and human resources service department. Our professionals will take care of job posting, sorting through applicants, interviewing, hiring, and even training, if desired. With locations throughout Asia-Pacific, CEO SUITE is the region’s finest provider of serviced office space and premiere business services. Contact your recruiter today and end the interruption that hiring can make in your daily schedule.

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