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Feng shui matters for business in Asia: CEO SUITE Chief

Feng shui can be laughed off as mere superstition in today’s highly advanced society, but Kim Mee, the founder and president of CEO Suite, believes that selecting the best place with this age-old art is the first step for successful business in Asia. That is why it took more than five years for the firm […]

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10 Tips on How to Engage Employees through Continuous Improvement

CEO SUITE Regional Human Resources Director, Ms. Jhen Miranda, enlightens us with valuable tips on how to improve engagement of employees in an organization through continuous improvement. Learn more from this article. In today’s tough global marketplace, becoming a leader in your industry requires employee engagement, but you also need to take your team to […]

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Creative Financing Methods for Start Ups

Any business start up is in need of enough access to capital. That is to say, whether for funding a product development, creation and production, for initial marketing and sales efforts, or paying for first few employees. It is never easy to secure funds in an instant that is why starting entrepreneurs commonly think of […]

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Naming Your Business

Naming your business is a vital part of creating your brand. There is more to naming your business after yourself of your family name, or your favorite thing in the world. It is a need that the name of your business be something that is easy to spell, easy to recall, easy to understand — […]

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5 Ways to Be Productive On Even At A Virtual Workplace

Hundreds of thousands of workers around the world have already started and are into working from home, and/or virtually today. The number is continuously on the rise, as virtual work has been found as cheaper for companies and more convenient for employees and their families. There are many advantages to working virtually, it is fairly […]

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