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Why Perception is Vital to Business Success?

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When putting up a business, a business plan is a must. It should contain an in-depth plan with complete and specific details on how you will attack the possible challenges and difficulties your business will come across with ahead. Your business opportunities should be defined, your business mission should be stated as it will be a your guide for the rest of your business life, know your target and describe them in details, establish measurable goals, and most importantly, set deadlines and follow them. You should also keep in mind that while it is vital to have a plan, you should also be equally flexible enough to adjust when a business slump is met along the way.

However, more than having a good business plan, one must have a great brand identity and positioning – a professional and reputable company image that can bring success automatically.

How do politicians win? How do movie celebrities become recognized as successful actors and actresses? It is initially their public image in media and in the public that is assessed by the audience. What they see is what people think they are. They can prove otherwise though but what is vital is that the first impression – it is a make or break situation just like any PR practitioner would say.

Just like in any company, the brand image that you create should be reflected in all your marketing activities and dealings with the public. Most of the time, we create a perfect brand image of who we want to become and we strive to become it as we go along in the business. It can in fact be the vision of your company. And one major factor that contributes to this corporate image is the business location or your company headquarters’ address. Imagine if you put a business in the slum area, would you expect your clients to call you if on your website and business cards, what they see is a very shady office address?

Choosing a prestigious and professional location and facilities for your company has a great impact in the creation of your perfect company image. You can be a small business entity but use a highly reputable business address at an iconic building in the CBD area, and your potential to attract new clients are much greater than one working from home and using a residential address on the website. And who says you need a big amount of budget to have a prestigious CBD office of your company? Given the proliferation of one-stop serviced office solutions globally, you can get a 5-star standard office for your business at minimal fees for a few months or even a year. Everything is plug and play, just bring in your laptop and do your work. High speed WIFI, receptionist and secretarial services are available, including messenger services, access to complimentary beverages in a modern business café within a few steps from your office, meeting rooms with video conferencing facilities are also there for use by renting by the hour, business lounges for more relaxed working, document printing and scanning facilities, and any other business support that you may require.

In Asia, you can never go wrong if you get your business address or office at CEO SUITE that has the most prestigious list of business centres and serviced offices in Singapore; Makati, Philippines; Hanoi, Vietnam; Jakarta, Indonesia; Bangkok, Thailand; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Beijing and Shanghai, China; and Seoul, Korea.

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