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New repayment scheme in Singapore to help borrowers pay off unsecured debts

A new repayment scheme that aims to help over-indebted customers repay unsecured loans from facilities like credit cards, personal loans and overdrafts will be launched next Monday (Jan 23). Under the new scheme, a customer can consolidate all his/her unsecured credit balances across the 14 banks with just one institution. This means that the bank […]

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Corporate taxation and Employers’ Mandatory Contributions in Korea

By Joseph Zoh Tax and Financial Services Expert in Korea, in partnership with CEO SUITE for clients’ tax and financial requirements. [email protected] 1. Corporate Income Tax (11% / 22% / 24.2%) Rates are accumulated for up to EBT (Earnings Before Tax) of 0.2 billion Korean Won at 11%, at 22% if it is less than […]

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