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Digital Marketing 101 for Business Start-Ups


Digital marketing is a vast and confusing field that encompasses a massive list of marketing opportunities, including social media, content marketing, advertising, search engine optimization, demand generation, retargeting, communities, viral video, mobile marketing, and online reputation management.

When it comes to digital marketing, many business owners and entrepreneurs are intimidated and confused because digital marketing, in reality, is actually a vast and complicating arena that covers a immense list of marketing opportunities and platforms to tap. This is why many business owners and entrepreneurs are led to believe that they have to cover all areas of digital marketing to grow their business successfully. But just the same with other marketing efforts, it is important that you study what will work for your business online.

In most cases, having a good and professional looking website- one that is easy to navigate, one that comprises of brief but complete information, and offers easy client support, adds great help to your businesses’ success. Imagine having to lessen your cost for your brochure production, only this time, your website actually builds a relationship with your customers and clients from anywhere in the world.

There are still many business owners and entrepreneurs who are still confused and still aren’t sure where to start with digital marketing, you can consider starting with Digital marketing foundations that every business professional should know:

Social Media
It is now an era where there are more people who check Facebook many times everyday than read a newspaper or be on the radio. Social media has been considered as the no. 1 activity people do on the web. With that being said, social media should already be on your radar. In fact, it is imperative in this day and age to be a part of it. Even if your business doesn’t seem like a social media driven business, it is important that you understand this tool, how powerful it is and how it impacts your business and your market.

Search Engine Optimization
People always start with search when they want to buy something. Understanding how search engine works is important, because you’ll see here how your business is actually represented on search engines.

Conversion Optimization & Planning
The end goal of all marketing and digital marketing efforts is always about getting people to do something, to take an action. Conversion optimization is all about getting your market to do what you want them to do, like making them go to the mall and purchase your product. Planning conversions, on the other hand, is about providing your people, your market the map to take the action.

Online Advertising
Online Advertising is a very helpful and powerful tool, regardless of what your business size are for online advertising runs your ads with a workable budget. The really amazing thing about online advertising is it can reach and tap the exact audience that you want your ad to get in front of. It is a simple but huge new age way to retain your current customers, and to get new customers.

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