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Determining Your Company’s Hiring Needs

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Do you have managers all over the company clamoring for approval on new hires? Then your company must be growing rapidly. Congratulations on your success! Growing quickly doesn’t come without its growing pains, however, so you may also feel unsure about where you most need to focus as far as hiring needs go. Here are some tips from CEO SUITE’s experienced team of recruiters on what you can do to identify true hiring needs and define new positions.

The importance of the hiring proposal

Have managers wishing to hire submit hiring proposals before you approve hires. If a manager doesn’t have the time or inclination to write out a basic description of what the position is and the type of person needed to fill it, then hiring needs are either extremely desperate or your managers may not have a good grasp of true hiring needs. If a manager is telling you that they’re understaffed, ask managers to track hours and projects for all department members so that you have a good picture of the situation. You may find that you do indeed need a full time team member to join their team, or perhaps you’ll both discover that a part time employee or a contractor could fill the gap while your business is growing. These solutions help prevent over-hiring. They also help prevent desperate, last minute hires from taking place that end up later proving to be a mistake.

Take your time hiring key personnel and contract as needed so you end up with a winning team

Don’t feel too rushed about hiring decisions, since the people you hire will either make or break your business success. If you’re in a hurry to open a new office in a new location, you can get temporary help through CEO SUITE’s professional services team. These experienced professionals provide accounting, translation, company registration, human resources services, and more to businesses in Asia-Pacific. Our professional services team can see you through while you and your recruiters take the time to source the most qualified applicants.

You need managers to be specific about the qualifications of a prospective employee when they write up a hiring proposal. If they need an individual with 5 to 7 years of experience, make sure that information is conveyed to your recruiter and is reflected in the job description.If you are flexible with the amount of time of experience this candidate needs to have then be open about that somewhere in the job description.

Interviewing people who are just out of college or just a few years into their career, when you’re actually looking for someone with manager-level experience, could end up wasting your time and your applicant’s time. If you are in a hurry to staff an office in a new location, taking time to carefully find the best applicant for each key position could slow down the launch of your company into a new country. In these situations, you may want to consider contracting with the CEO SUITE professional services team for contract or rapid hire employees. After starting the office with contract team and key executives, you then have the leisure to sift through applicants with your recruiter to find the most qualified professionals for the job.

Be specific about job responsibilities

Talk to your human resources department or the department where this individual will directly work if you were not sure what their initial responsibilities will include. This means you need to have things nailed out sufficiently in advance of the actual interviewing, including things like who this person will report to and whether they will have managerial responsibilities. You don’t need to put any or all that information in the job description but you do need to have it on hand once you start interviewing. The most qualified candidates will want to know the structure of the company before they jump into it, and if you don’t know what to say when people ask this question it makes your company (or you) look unprepared. 

Make sure your job descriptions you post are error free. Have a recruiter, a human resources consultant, a professional writer, or at least a proofreader scan through the job description for errors. Many professionals are somehow scared of professional editors thinking that they will be critical or will tear it all up and start from scratch. They beg friends to review their work instead and can sometimes end up putting out poor quality work when they’re in a rush. Editors and copywriters are not scary people. An experienced proofreader/editor should be able to take a roughly written job description and turn it into a perfectly polished piece of work that is that for your website or other job postings. If you want to attract top level talent then your job description should reflect the same quality that your company is known for. A copywriter who is good at writing job descriptions should be able to take the information you send him or her in an email and turn it into a top-notch job description.

With experienced recruiters stationed throughout Asia-Pacific, CEO SUITE offers the region’s finest business services to companies expanding into Asia or going through rapid periods of growth. Please contact a recruiter today to tell us how we can serve your growing company and meet your needs.

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