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Hardware and Software Procurement

If you are overwhelmed by multiple options and technical jargons, and you have no time to keep up with ever-growing tech needs, contact CEO SUITE to provide a streamlined solution for all your tech needs. Let us know what you need; we will source, compare, present the best options for you, and set everything up to suit your requirements and budget.

Network setup and security

If you need secured file sharing among your team, firewalls, you need to manage Internet traffic for better efficiency, you’re going through an office/ICT relocation, or you need other advanced network setup, contact CEO SUITE for effective network setup and security services in Asia.

Data backup and recovery

Do you need to set up automatic scheduled backup? Contact CEO SUITE for data backup and recovery and you won’t lose important documents just because someone forgot to backup the files.

Synchronization across multiple devices

If you have multiple mobile and desktop devices, and would like to keep your contacts, files, and calendars all in sync, we can synchronize all your devices for you.

End user support

CEO SUITE can provide comprehensive End User Support for your company, including computer issues like viruses, system lagging, server not responding, or any other computer problems that take away your productive hours. Many of them can be prevented if you have good measures in place from the beginning; let us help you to assess this.

Domain Registration

A simple email address may seem mundane, but if your email address looks unprofessional, you could be losing customers. And you won’t even know it, because they won’t have contacted you in the first place. You can register for your own domain name (with email addresses included) at a very affordable price at CEO SUITE.