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FAQ for Virtual Offices

Virtual Offices


What is a Virtual Office?

A Virtual office is a term coined referring to work environments that deliver results through the web, telephone and other technologies. A virtual office is a substitute for the traditional workspace through working off Web-based IT services, and phone calls. Virtual offices operate without an actual physical office space; all operations (whether internal or external business processes and communication) are performed with the help of the Internet and phone lines. It requires employee/s to work remotely and perform daily office tasks with the use of software and application tools dependent on the Internet. Most virtual offices offer business address for use and secretarial support.

Do you need a virtual office?

Although a virtual office is not a universal solution to every business, there are many good reasons why it makes sense to consider getting one. For start-ups, the little the capital you would have to let out, the better. This is because you are still starting and testing the waters. Getting a virtual office gets you going with the main and most important business operations and gives you the advantage of having a prestigious and premium business address to present to your clients and business prospects. Even with SMEs, a virtual office helps lessen a business’ overhead cost by not requiring your small group of workers to go to the office and actually pay for the physical space. When it comes to large-scale businesses, branching out internationally can be one of your goals. When testing the waters in a totally different market, a virtual office is the best panacea.

Can I upgrade my Virtual Office to Serviced office with CEO SUITE?

Yes, you can. In fact, CEO SUITE welcomes upgrades and downgrades of your availed package. The really great thing about CEO SUITE is that you can customize everything in accordance to your requirement that most service providers do not offer.